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Bio: Wildlife photographer who adore animals and their interactions, there is a lot to reveal. Check out @yusufwildphoto on Instagram to see the art of nat...

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Hi, can u tell me more? I think I need to understand because I am sending the emails, I guess, in English, and some of my customers speak Arabic, so where do I add translation? or to make it available.
Hello, I just created an email marketing automation to welcome my new customers, saying we will launch my store and giving them a discount code. I just want to ask: will the customers who already subscribed to my emails before I activate the welcome ...
Thank you all. I already contacted them through a link that sent in different questions, and I have sorted it out.
I have done that, but when I tap apply discount or add a discount, I don't see the discount I created it to add. Do u follow? It's the only step that I'm stuck on right now: adding my discount to the email.
I edited a template that says welcome email from The Email App. It's for customers who subscribe to the marketing emails. In the template, there is a section called Discount. When I tapped on it, it said select discount, then it showed as empty, whil...
I set up a welcome email template, and created a discount in the shop, and am trying to add it to the template by clicking apply discount and selecting discount, but it shows that no discounts have been made!. Why is that?
Hello, I am setting up a store and still have something to do. I want to know where to send an email request to extend my free trial. I still need some time.
My name is Yusuf Saeed. I set up a store, and I will launch it in the upcoming weeks. I did some marketing, and there are customers who told me that they want to buy my products, so I want to send emails that say, "Hello, thank you for subscribing to...
And I was doing draft orders to test the shop because I don't have test orders as an option because I don't have a payment provider and am working with COD only.
Thank you for responding. I meant local delivery because I am a starter and don't get a lot of orders, so it's gonna be handy for me to deliver the orders myself, but after looking at the article under local delivery, I set up my local delivery optio...
hello Victor, I have the same question. I will deliver the orders in my shop myself, and I saw the local delivery in the shop, but HOW do I set it up? I want to customise it to make it active in all of Egypt.? I want it to be the only delivery option...
I want to ask how to set up my shop for manual or self-delivery. I just started with Shopify, and it's a small thing, so I'm gonna be the one to fulfil and deliver my orders.I tried to make a draft order, and I am working with COD cash on delivery on...
Hello, I have set up a Shopify store. I am a photographer, and I will print and sell my photos as photographic prints as art for home walls.So I am a beginner and alone in this, and I will fulfil and deliver the orders myself, so my question is: I tr...
Do I need to charge the customers tax on Shopify Egypt? I am only using COD cash on delivery. and I do everything in Egypt from a to z.
How do I make a test order while I am working with COD and cash on delivery? And if I cancel the password protection from my Shopify website in the free trial, can I put the password back? Can someone help?
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