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Some of them have it and some don't. Should the data-mce-fragment be there or no?How do I get rid of this stuff is there a place online I can scrub it clean of the mess? product1  product2  product 3
Hopefully somebody can tell me what's going on... I've posted 4 or 5 products and the following has started happening: My store is set to use Poppins font but the first paragraph of the product description shows in Tahoma font on my website. Also the...
Jay S. from support fixed the problem (thanks again Jay) I guess emails were bouncing so Shopify had to clean some things up on their end.   
Hi Mac, I've reached out to Booster Theme support, they say the email they used in my store worked so it is a Shopify issue.It might be some email setting that's not correct because everything else seem to be set up correctly. Is it possible to know ...
Hello, Whenever my contact form is filled out and sent, it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Not even in my spam folder.I have an email address filled in. I don't see any errors with my email settings. Are there settings on Shopifys end that have to be lo...
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