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You can tag a customer by going to their customer profile in your Shopify admin. Then, you can add a tag to their profile. When they place an order, you'll get a notification that mentions the tag you added. You can use this feature to get notified o...
do not require a registered business name. And it's have unlimited third party payment. If are clear enough you can kindly inform me.Thanks
Hello, actually you have a good selling product with there are some functionality that needs to be setup in your store that will attract visitors. I was also having this kind of challenges in my store until my friend help. I f you are interested I ca...
That is possible. Can I help you?
Have you checked that your password and email address are correct?
 That's actually not possible - every Shopify plan has a bandwidth quota and usage. Are you sure you're looking in the right place? In your Shopify admin, click on Setting, then Plans and permissions, and look for the Plan section. Do you see the Ban...
Hope you are getting me??
There are a few ways you can check these things. First, let's start withyour internet connection: Does your internet connection seem stable, withno lags or drops? Are you able to load other websites and browse theinternet without any issues? Next, le...
This can happen if your payment gateway set up correctly and are you using the latest version of the Shopify app?
This can be cause by complicated Checkout process a situation whereby it's difficult or confusing for  customer to finish the purchase.  High shipping costs. This can happen when if the checkout process is too long and has too many step. But there is...
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