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H! It didn't seem to work 
Hi! i'm hoping to have ghe sold out button be a different colour at the bottom (the green one, not orange) so that it stands out more in all product pages etc.I've tried other thread solutions but they didn't work    butt
id rather solve it here so that people can see Beetyboi
Hello! when i sell a product, i want people to be able to then select an add on - (through variants maybe?), and then if they do, have a field for "special instructions" appear for them to specify . how can i do this?
thank you!! how come it isn't changing with the schemes?
i also edited the og post a bit
Hello,I'm trying to change the background colour of my add to cart buttons? For some reason, no matter the scheme i change it to it doesn't change any colour both in the product page as well as when viewing on a listing.i've tried some things in othe...
Hello!I'm running a handmade craft business, and make products but also take commissions. I want to be able to make a button in my listings that: When a product is out of stock, they can "request"/ "pre order" an order and have it notify me to confir...
where are we putting this code?
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