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Hi Victor, just thought I’d msg to confirm that this issue has been resolved. Thank you for your help. 
I should add, the button appears, just doesn’t direct me to my shop. 
Hi,  I have just come across this thread as I am having trouble getting “view shop” button to work in Instagram. I get error saying content not available in this region. I am in the UK and according to the EMEA link you provided above, I think it sho...
Thank you Victor,I tried to remove the full stop before but it was still there on saving.Can only assume it’s automatic.I’ll reach out to shopify support then.Thank you for your help.Rebecca
Hi Victor,I have contacted GoDaddy and they seem to think all set up correctly ontheir end but that the SSL Certificate is not installed properly so itshould be re-installed. Is this something you can do?I did have to change the CNAME to the shopify ...
Hi Victor,Apologies, I created a new post with my issues yesterday and includedscreenshots and link to this thread.Title : SSL certificate errorStill having some issues. My godaddy does not have 2 A records so not surewhere you are seeing that.Let me...
Hi, I have been messaging Victor with regards an issue with an SSL error message on another string (Link below) but have created a new thread as people were getting notifications they didn't need. Re: ssl certificatehttps://community.shopify.com/c/sh...
Hi Victor,I think I have figured out that if I type in www.rebeccahurstart.co.uk intothe browser, I still get an issue. If I remove www. It loads fine.I can’t seems to figure out any sort of pattern. I’ve asked others to testand we different results....
Thank you Victor,I have had another look this morning and still have an issue on the desktop. Seems fine on mobile and we adjusted the DNS on Tuesday.Sorry, not sure what you mean by subdomain. It is fine when I go to 'view store' from my shopify adm...
Hi Victor,I have just set up my new shopify site and have a question on this. There us an issue with the SSL certificate. I moved my domain to GoDaddy and we updated the DNS manually when I went live but had issues getting onto the site. On doing som...
Hi there,Very new to Shopify and trying to set up my instagram/FB shop.I have successfully tagged a couple of my products which are in my inventory but when I go to instagram and click on 'View Shop' I get the error: 'Content Not Available - This con...
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