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Hi,I have created checkout extensions for checkout and thank you pages and it works fine when I add items to the cart and go through checkout. But when I create a draft order and visit the checkout link, I noticed that the extensions do not get displ...
@elastic-s I am also facing this issue. Were you able to figure it out?
Hi, I am trying to figure out whether a manual payment method is selected for an order eg. cash on delivery. Currently, I am using the paymentGatewayNames of the Order object (https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-graphql/2023-10/objects/Order#field-ord...
Hi Liam,Thanks for the quick response. We are already using post-purchase but want to additionally provide product offers to users when they land on the Thank you page.Could this be supported in the near future? Maybe even providing an API similar to...
Hi,We have a Thank you page extension that displays a product that can be added from the thank you page. So, if a user clicks "Buy" button, we call the mutations for updating the order:orderEditBeginorderEditAddVariantorderEditAddLineItemDiscountorde...
Thanks for the reply. I think this could be the reason since I had a lot of functions deployed so due to the new simplified deployment, I think my actual function got deleted and some other function got activated in its place and because of this the ...
Hi,When I try to run the mutation to create automaticAppDiscount - https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-graphql/2023-07/mutations/discountAutomaticAppCreate I get an error that:"data": { "discountAutomaticAppCreate": { "automaticApp...
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