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Oh okay. Thanks for clarifying it. I wish the documentation was more clear on this.
Hi, In the Storefront API's, cartCreate and cartBuyerIdentityUpdate mutations, we can pass in a customer's addresses through the buyerIdentity's deliveryAddressPreferences parameter. Each DeliveryAddressInput has 2 arguments - `customerAddressId` and...
Hi, I'm using the Buy SDK for iOS to create a custom storefront. Currently I'm working on the cart and checkout features. I noticed that the API offers two very similar mutations - cartCreate and checkoutCreate. Both take similar output and return si...
Thanks for the response, Liam. My IP might have been flagged by Cloudfront. I just re-tried today and it looks like the restriction has been lifted. Now I can send API calls again on Postman.
Hi, I'm building a custom storefront app for a Shopify app and I've been using Postman to save and test my Storefront API requests for the past couple of weeks. Today I tested some API calls in quick succession. First few calls were successful. Then ...
Hi Kyle, thanks for the response. I went ahead and opened a ticket over there.
Hi, I'm developing an app using the Shopify Buy SDK. When I'm testing the API functions like login/password recovery etc, I frequently run into the limit exceeded error. Upon searching for an answer, I came across someone saying that you should consi...
Thanks again. One last question. Is it possible to get these extra added fields from the Shopify Storefront API? That's important to us because we're developing a custom app as a storefront.
Hi, thanks very much for the very detailed response. However I'm unable to view the demo store. It's asking for a password.
Hi everyone, I'm a Shopify newbie so I need a little help. I'm trying to see if it's possible to create a highly customizable product on Shopify. Think of something like a charm bracelet.  - User chooses a base product (the bracelet).- User should th...
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