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It worked! Thanks, though I'm currently having trouble getting the sizing down on the account icon, after I added the class from the default SVG the icon is no longer visible, either too big or too small, or maybe being cropped out. Not sure how to m...
Hi, I'm having trouble changing the header icons while also keeping their animations (such as increasing in size when hovered over or when clicked). I managed to change the hamburger icon but it did not go away when clicked and remained under the X. ...
I appreciate the help but it's still not changing the font itself, seems like it's being overridden by another line of code that sets the heading fonts to the bold one. Not sure how to fix this.
The font size code worked but for some reason the font family didn't change. 
Hi, I would like to change the font in the announcement bar from the current bold one to the one used in the header and product description page (using "Sans-serif" system font), and to then separately adjust the font size for desktop view only. I ap...
This helped with the home page product fonts, but on the Quick Add menu it's still the same size.
The product title and quick add font is currently a bit too big on mobile view only. I was able to adjust it earlier but after I adjusted the desktop views’ size, the code seems to not be working when I input a different value. I would like to change...
I just got the first code to work by pasting it in "quick-add.css". Works perfectly, pasting it here instead of "base.css" won't cause any issues though correct?
Yes the result you showed is exactly what I want, but I pasted the code in base.css and saved and nothing changed for some reason.
The product font size when I click my "Quick Add" button is a bit too big on desktop. I was able to make it smaller on mobile view but not desktop.  I appreciate any help   URL: https://leediastore.com/password: yaurow
Using some of the code you provided I managed to get everything aligned to the left on mobile, but on desktop the product title is still in the center. Any way to align it to the left there too? Thanks
 I currently have a few changes on my catalog and product page I’d like to make, which I hope aren’t too complicated. On mobile view I managed to align the product title and price to the left but not the vendor name (which I use to show color options...
This worked perfectly. Thank you so much!
I currently have the Quick Add button enabled under my products and the product title font is a bit too big when viewed on mobile. Is there a way to make this smaller? Thanks   URL: https://leediastore.com/password: yaurow 
This worked perfectly! Thank you so much
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