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Bio: Years of experience building apps and helping merchants solve problems on their stores. Message me if you need any help!

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Hi @LittleGiftiesNZ did you find an app that could do this? If not I'd love to develop one for you! Best,Rob
Hi @Tacos_117 did you find an app for this? If not I'd love to chat to you about it and try to create one! Best,Rob
Hi did you find an app that could do this? Best,Rob
Hi did you end up finding an app that does this? Best,Rob
Hi David, did you manage to solve this?
Hi Anton, did you manage to solve this problem? Best,Rob
I think you can but there may have just been some weird error. Glad you got it fixed anyway!
Hi @Robert_Smith_UK, if you send the store url I can request access and take a look? Best,Rob
Which colours in particular are different to what you've set?
Great! You would need some custom code to do it unfortunately. If you'd like me to do something like that then shoot me a message!
Hi @hometownhaunts, is this the kind of thing you mean (with the trailberg, nike etc buttons)?  Best,Rob 
Hi @NachoBCN12, you can remove the border by adding:.product__media-list .product-media-container {border: 0 !important;}to the base.css file. Where are you customizing the product texts? Best,Rob
That’s great! Although worth noting that putting it in base.css will apply it to all buttons on the store with the class “button” so just put it in the sections you want it if that’s not the desired effect
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