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I have an old existing app that uses AWS Lambda and node js to make REST calls to shopify and is directly linked during the install process. I do not want to rewrite the app to use the new remix framework for shopify apps, but I also need to add an a...
my dns is with route 53 on aws. It looks like I can configure an s3 bucket to do the redirect and use route 53 to point to the bucket. thanks!
I have 2 domains for my store. The primary one works fine.. it sends the user to the homepage. The second domain, I want to send a user to domain-specific page within my store. When I try to create a URL redirect in the admin, I get a "Path can't be ...
I am having the same issue. Setting "send_receipt" and "send_fulfillment_receipt" to false or not including either still sends a receipt to the customer. I am trying to import orders from my client's existing store into shopify for historical and loy...
I have a development store and want to create a custom app to be used by this store only. In the store's admin, when I go to Settings -> Apps and sales channels -> Develop Apps -> Create an App. I get the API credentials and can make calls to the RES...
Perhaps I am doing this wrong, but following your instructions, I can only assign 1 allergen to each product. But some meals contain multiple allergens (such as egg and shellfish). But the customer should be able to select either egg or shellfish or ...
Thanks for all of your suggestions. I fear you might be right that this requires a deal of custom development.  This is what I trying to duplicate from the current site - a customer can select which allergens to exclude from the displayed meals:This ...
Thanks, I have this installed, but I do not see how I can use mulitple metafield values. I can do one metafield (ie, contains milk, but I want the user to be able to select multiple metafield values). I also tried using tags, but it doesnt allow me t...
I am looking to add a filter for food allergens to a collection page. The allergens are currently configured as metafields on the product (such as "contains peanuts" or "contains shellfish"). how can i create a filter on the collection to allow the c...
How can I use the add cart api (POST /{locale}/cart/add.js) to add a product to the cart as a new line item and not increase the quantity of the same item if it is in the cart.  I have properties that I am adding to the cart product and need to ensur...
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