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@arunme Does make sense. But if there someone will be able to purchase also physical product? Is there any idea to do not allow other markets than Europe buy physical products?
Hi @arunme thank you for your reply. Yes, there are not shipping rates because I do not sell physical goods to Africa, but want sell there only digital goods. How fixed it?
Hi everyone! I sell physical products and digital products. Physical I sent only in Europe and digital I want that can be purchased by everyone. How Can I do this? Now My second market shows as inactive and only European countries can make purchases....
Hi @David_SHT  Thank you for answer. My theme does not support this feature because I do not see it in product page.  Br, Monika
Hi! Is it possible do this price adjustment like on the image? I want show prices and be sure that clients understand my price sheme: from 2.5e/25e per meter or small slash/m My store Thank you for your answers!Monika
Oh, now I see there is share preview button.  But your solution is working! Thank you so, so much!
Hi, Thank you for reply I published store with Dawn theme
Hi, Thank you for answer but code does not working. I want edit Dawn theme that is not published yet. Can be this issue?
Hi,  Thank you for answer but code does not working. I want change Dawn theme that is not published. I tried this code and footer is still all white.
Hi, thank you for your answer. and color code for first footer with menu is #ef3167 and footer with payment icons and copyright #ffff 
Thank you for your answer, but I don’t see any option to change footer in Dawn and have two separately colors. When I change footer color then all footer section change color. I am sorry I didn’t get it but really I don’t see options to do that﫣
Hi everyone! I have still problem with Dawn footer. I have now different theme installed but want customize Dawn theme because is lighter than theme what I use now. I want change footer colors like here on the picture. Footer menu with color and sect...
Hi, thanks for answer but I cannot edit image like this. I do not use theme with that option.
Hi,  I switch from Dawn to my older theme, which use image with text (image bellow). Do you know what can I do to make image bigger and text smaller? Image shows fabric types, and this must be appear under fabric products. Or how make collapsible row...
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