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This is perfect. Thank you!
I just gave you Products permission, but I don't see Collections permission? Also, what do I need to do to make your changes live? And will it work on mobile as well? And lastly, can we remove the word "Collections"? Apologies for all of the question...
My apologies! Just granted you access.
Is there anything else I need to do before you make the changes?
That's it! I do have a couple of small changes if you don't mind. Could you center the titles beneath the images and remove the "homepage" collection? Also, will I still be able to edit the order in which they show up and also which product shows?
Hi there, Here's the collaborator request code: 8712 Thanks!
The Spotlight theme. Thanks! - Not really sure about permissions. What do you need?
Hi! Trying to 1) change the maximum number of shown items in a collection on a homepage to one (I have a collection that has five items and it's making me show at least two items) and 2) put two collections side by side horizontally versus having to ...
Also wondering if you could help me center the name of the product (on mobile) after you click on the product.
Worked perfectly. Thank you!
Morning! Wondering if someone could show me where to change the code (or just normal settings) to center collection titles on mobile only. My website is if you want to take a look. The pw to enter is doodledoo. Thanks!
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