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It worked! Thank you. How can I also make this text a bit bigger? 
Hi Team. How can I adjust the text on my image banner to cut into 2 lines? Just like the image I edited below.  This what it looks like right now: Store: Glowcare.sePS: Glowcare1991
Hi Team. How can I make my menu be centered and bold? Store: Glowcare.sePS: Glowcare1991 
Is it possible to show me how to achieve this?  
Hi Team. Is it possible to achieve this kind of setting to my store? The text inside of this image and the text to align into designated icon? This far, this what I can only achieved:  Is it possible to just to upload the image with the icons and inp...
Hi, I just added it back. Sorry. 
Hi Team. I am working with my image banner home page for a specific product. May I ask for some assistance in fitting the text and button as shown below? Store: Glowcare.sePS: Glowcare1991What it looks like This what I want to achieve:    
This is how it looks when I hide the button  
Hi Team. I have been working on my store for couple of weeks now. Can someone assist me with the image banner via CSS? How can achieve the image below on my image banner as it shows too zoom.  Store: Glowcare.sePS: Glowcare1991This what I want to ach...
Hi Team. I added an image banner block to my homepage. It is set to adapt image size but when I add the button, it is getting bigger like this:  May I please ask some assistance how to achieve in this section the image below?  Store: Glowcare.sePS: G...
OMG! It worked! Thank you so much! Is there way as well to make those product images a bit smaller and adjust the text a bit to the right to have a bit of space? 
Did it work on your end? Apparently, there's no change 
Hi Team. Can I add a light grey shadow at the back of the text via CSS?Store: Glowcare.sePS: Glowcare1991  
Hi Team. Please help. I am seeking assistance for couple days now trying to achieve something on my store. Basically, the first image below is what I want to achieve in adding text on the left side of the products from the home page. I badly need ass...
Can you show me how to achieve it?
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