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Hello @kaiyaa ,no, I want to show multiple recom in the cart. So take all the recom from the product in the cart and merge into one
Hello,is there a way to concact or get recommendations from multiple products? I try to modify data-url like this, but he get recommendations only from last  <product-recommendations class="related-products page-width" data-ur...
Ciao,ho capito che è stata rimossa la funzione della "spedizione calcolata dal corriere" sul piano Shopify, ma c'è la possibilità di attivarla, pagando una fee, senza passare al piano Advanced. Non ho capito però come e a quanto equivarrebbe il costo...
Is it possibile to use metaobject as reusable block into template?I created the Metaobject call "info negozio" with a "Barra sconti" field, so I have "info_negozio.barra_sconti". Is there a way to display it on custom liquid code? Something like {{ s...
Hello,is it possible to create 301 redirect with something similar to the htaccess rules? For example I want that all url with /shop/category/product-name will be redirect to /products/product-name
Hello @yashgarg,thank you for your answer but I had already tried both with superscript and double superscript, but it always gives me the only category with no value assigned in that metafield. I also tried adding .value but nothing.The metafield is...
Hello,I want to show the lists of collections of the product on product page. But only collection with a metafield value. I try two options, but they doesn't work. 1 {% for collection in product.collections %} {% if collection.metafields.custom.colle...
Thank you, it works
Hello,I'm using Dawn theme version 12, I'd like to show, on the catalog page, the list of the options (not variant) for every products (es: size S, M, L, XL; color red, green, blue). Is it possibile adding code on card-product.liquid? I can get the l...
Ciao,sto cercando di capire come applicare degli sconti a catalogo, in pratica l'equivalente delle "catalog price rules" di Magento: vorrei poter indicare per esempio il 10% di sconto su tutti i prodotti della collezione X. Ho visto che è possibile f...
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