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I'm using both, as I'm running advantage+ campaigns. But my analytics are fine after I deleted the third party cookiebot 
It became much better since I deleted a third party cookie popup and switched to shopify's default, so I think this was holding a lot of data back for me.. It's still not perfect but much closer.. could also be a coincidence I guess.. But the third p...
Not quite yet. I was using a cookie bot that I think might have something to do with blocking a lot of the data, so I've installed it and used Shopify's default cookie bot instead.  Are you using a cookiebot? 
I'm having the same problem right now.. Did google analytics show the same numbers are Shopify analytics, or was google closer to the true numbers?
What kind of ads are you running? I'm using the catalog shop instant experience on Facebook
I've started running ads for my webshop, but they "click on link" metrics on Facebook does not seem to show on Shopify at all. Yesterday I should have gotten about 60 "clicks on link" but like 1-3 show on Shopify. I know that there will always be a d...
I've got two languages on my Shopify store: Danish and English. Denmark in my main market, and then I got a secondary market, which is international. I want the language for Danish visitors to be Danish and English for international visitors. However...
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