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Hi @Gideon_Lupine  Sandbox does not mean something bad, it is the new way of creating pixels with Shopify's Web Pixels API. Read more about it here: https://shopify.dev/docs/api/web-pixels-api/ You can find your tag ID in your Microsoft Ads panel > C...
Unfortunately not, everything looks correct. Probably @jtaylormatchles can help?
Looks correct. And you have set the correct conversion action in your campaign settings?
Can you send a screenshot of the event tracking settings in Bing?
Hi @Mohnish01  This shouldn't be a problem. It's more of a warning than an error. We also have this, and the conversion tracking works.
Hi Unfortunately, the code you posted does not look like the section in the screenshot. Please post only this section so that I can help. Best regards
Hi Can you clarify what you mean with "the link is not connecting to the image" and could you please post your liquid template code? Best regards
Please contact me here (Discord): https://bit.ly/3TO9ekY
Hi I'm really sorry, but we cannot provide direct support for free. Best regards
Hi @Gerald_Floyd  You need to change the link of your custom button to #judgeme_product_reviews (which is the ID of the Judge.me review section). Also, I would recommend you to remove the onclick attribute which is currently on the button.After the c...
Hey @no_robotocha @oskarnym @wcolton48 @Timed_Ecom Sorry for the late reply. But yes, as @jtaylormatchles stated above, the problem in our case was not in the tracking code, it was in the settings of Microsoft Ads, because they are really confusing a...
It triggers a "custom event". But what is the correct event name for a conversion? We already tried multiple names, i.e. "purchase" and now "PRODUCT_PURCHASE", which is shown by Microsoft Ads in the setup: The tag setup: 
Hey @jtaylormatchles We still have problems with our conversions. The strange thing is, that they are sent correctly, but not attributed correctly to a campaign (campaign is showing 0 conversions). The tag setup is correct, as you can see on these sc...
Thanks for your reply. We had Bing conversion goal of the type "Product" and category "Purchase" set up, as you can see here: Now I've set up a second one which doesn't listen on the "Purchase" event, instead as you said on the URL. I don't know why ...
Hey Wir wären auch daran interessiert, Sovendus einzubinden. Hast du etwas rausgefunden? Danke und LG
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