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Here is my situation that has been annoying me: When I have a local delivery order, It sends a "delivered" email only when I go into the order, mark it "prepare delivery" then click the "marked delivered" then it will send an email. However, If I wer...
Is there a way to hide the announcement bars on that page as well? I have two announcement bars
Thank you Noah!I wanted to hide the header for a page. I used the code you gave this user above but replaced "community-subscription" with my page name. I had to change it to page.url and it worked perfectly, Here is the code I put above the </head> ...
It WORKED! Thank you so much, this will make my life so much easier. 
I really apricate the help. I set the wait time to one min, The flow waits the one min and then errors without checking for a tag  
Fixed, Is this correct now? 
Is this correct?    
please let me know if I did it correctly 
I think I want to try each customer for now
Hello! Thank you for the reply. I want an email if a customer tagged with “wholesale” hasn’t ordered in 30 days since their last order. Can you help?
I tried doing it myself but am so lost. How do I create a flow to notify me when a customer has not ordered in 30 days?
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