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the quantity selector on the collection page just keeps going, even though, in this example, only 1 is available. Is there a way to constrain it to not going past the max quantity? Just like every other website manages to do?
thanks a lot for this!
 can anyone explain why this is happening or help me fix it?I can place the quick add button on the left under the text and it appears correctly but when I try to move it over to the right it scrunches itself up like this. site: https://snugtradingca...
I have a few things to address, I think relatively small issues that folks can help me to fix in the code. I want to rearrange the product card on the collections page from this...  to this...   unfortunately I don't possess the capability to do this...
do you know of any paid themes which have this feature?
hopefully someone on here could help with the code that I'd need to add this in.
There are a lot of options underneath a heading on the filter sidebar, I'd like to add a search bar to that particular filter, like in the example below from a different site. If anyone can offer a solution that would be great.   site: https://snugtr...
yes, here you go...
Hi,  I'm trying out the Restock Rocket app as it will be useful to my store, it displays on the product page of out of stock items, but is there a way to have it display in place of the 'sold out' button on the collections page, so that customers don...
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