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I want it to change only the landing or homepage background color. So it wouldn't change the homepage sections colors or other pages on my Shopify store.
I need some code that will let me put a custom hex color as my homepage backround instead of the color it is using from the color scheme it is using. Store URL: Password: youdontknow
That would be great if you could write some custom code.
I am using the dawn theme and it uses the color scheme 1 for the home page and the product pages. I want the make the product pages a different color from the homepage. I don't know where or if there is a way to just change what color scheme a page u...
There is no way to change what color scheme the home page uses. The default is color scheme 1 and it won't let me change it.
The problem is there is no option to change what color scheme the home screen uses. 
I put this code in the spot you said and it is not doing anything? {% if template == 'index' %} <style> background-color: #3BD865; </style> {% endif %}
In the spot for "your css code here" what do I put. I assume thats where you put the name of the color scheme you want but what are the color schemes called in the css code?
I want to know how to change what color scheme the background and home page use instead of the default color scheme 1. I only want to change the home page though because I want to be able to use color scheme 1 for my product pages.  Store URL: Tsunam...
I have set up color scheme 1 for my store homepage background. I want my product pages to be a different color scheme than the background on my homepage. There is no color scheme option on the product pages like the homepage so I don't know what to d...
I figured out the problem, wrong selector. this is what ended up working: sticky-header { border-radius: 0 0 30px 30px !important; margin: 0 2.25rem !important; } Password: youdontknow
I tried this at the bottom of my base.css and it didn't work or do anything?
I am using the Dawn theme on my Shopify store. I want to have the bottom 2 corners of my header to be rounded by 30px. I also want there to be a margin on the sides of the header by 225rem. I tried to do this myself but have had no luck. My website i...
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