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that is so strange. I've asked a few others and it comes up on their end. It's literally just my desktop that's having the issue because it appears on my phone too. do you think it'll update on my end soon?
can anyone provide insight as to why my shopify link redirects to my regular homepage from squarespace. I DO NOT have them linked. I connected them last week and disconnected it. There is zero links showing on my end in shopify. why is this happening...
I don't have any links from my original site in my navigation. so why is it redirecting?
my domain is not connected. which is why its confusing that the link redirects to my original site
hello i was wondering if this bot works. Theres no option on my end to edit a domain
the link to my shop redirects to my original site thats hosted through squarespace. I have redirecting turned off on both sites. additionally, theres no button to change my domain target in shopify.  shop link some help would...
hello. My shop link keeps redirecting to my original squarespace domain even though i have redirecting and forwarding turned off on both sites. Additionally, the link in my original site buttons redirects back to my site. I want it to open the shopif...
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