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This one is a bit tricky... We are using the Shopify API gem to update note_attributes on orders like so : order_shopify = ShopifyAPI::Order.find(id)order_shopify.note_attributes.append(Sho...
According to the documentation, the country_option_tags should ouput option tags for all countries present in our shipping configuration. However in the output, some countries are also duplicated ...
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There was a typo in my code, I wrote article.tag instead of article_tag but anyway I'm glad you found a working solution.  Actually you are not that far from what I proposed, you can just get rid of article.tags[forloop.index0] and just use tag inste...
 Your code is checking the tags in a wrong way. Basically for the first product you are checking the first article tag, for the second product, the second article tag and so on... Since an article can have multiple tags too, you can't do a simple com...
1. No its not possible. Please re-read the response from @Busfox  You will only ever receive webhooks created by the api client fetching them. I hope this clarifies things. If you want to fetch all webhooks, I would recommend deleting the webhooks yo...
@KarlOffenberger in the webhook listing on the right of each webhook you should see this :
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