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Hi @made4Uo, do you know how I should proceed with the impulse theme in this case? That is the theme I am using. Not sure where I would need to customize code if you say that needs custom code.
I am using the Impulse theme and in the product page I would like in the product section to have a tab (collapsible row) that shows an image with the Supplement Facts of the product using Metafields but looks like it only accepts text Metafields. Is ...
Thanks but can I do it if it isn't for different markets (same store just in another language) in this case.  Just use the subdirectories for multiple stores (one subdirectory for one shop, other for a different store, not for the same store but a di...
I have a domain  and I would like to have different stores under multiple directories. For example I have a domain (for example mydomain.com) and would like to have a Shopify store with URL: mydomain.com/store1.com And another shopify store with URL ...
Hi @PageFly-Noah this is the link https://11b25bwcukfk1wc5-14934424.shopifypreview.comThanks in advance
I want the div in the html section of the custom section to have a gray background color but it isn't the same size as the image one. If I use this CSS  .custom-content { background-color: gray; } .custom__item { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; }  I...
Thanks PageFly-Noah. Tried what you suggested and worked as expected.Now I just wonder something, what would I need to add in the CSS to make the bar cover all the cart drawer? Because look like the div doesn't cover it all. Thanks in advance.
Hi, looked for the file but at least on Impulse theme couldn't find it.
I'm trying to code a dynamic custom free shipping bar for the impulse theme.I managed to add the text in the cart drawer by following this steps. 1. Create a snippet called dynamic-free-shipping-bar.liquid2. Add this code into it <div id="free-shippi...
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