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Is anyone having any problems with buying Sendle labels within their Shopify Dashboard? I have made no changes in my backend and this morning I am getting the error: There was a problem buying shipping labelsReview order details and try again.Sendle:...
Hi there CityRacer Did you ever resolve this - i am having the same issue out of the blue
Did you ever resolve this - i am having the same issue out of the blue
Hi Mani, any idea what day this will be rolled out? Eagerly awaiting to switch back
Have you seen your sales recover or do you think the one page checkout is still hurting you?
Is shopify looking at any of these accounts? Sales have been dismal since the changeover. It feels like I should just pack up and go home!!
So has anyone had an uplift in sales yet or is there still blood on the ground! We are still bleeding heavily - sales have never been worse and we are throwing everything we can at it. One page checkout seems to be a disaster for our store! 
our market are mums to newborns and small children. The one page checkout has had a terrible affect on our sales too. Losing sleep over this one 
the one page checkout is not working for many of us.If one page checkout is best practice then why are you giving ONLY your highest paid customers the ability to choose between both?? It's not good practice for Shopify to allow their biggest customer...
Hi Don, do you have any feedback as to whether the powers of b are going to allow all Shopify users to choose their checkout type. My sales have also tanked and I can't see any changes other than the one page checkout. My customers are mum to newborn...
Hi Don, I too feel like my store has been negatively affected by the changeover. Sales have literally ground to a halt since the change -  it's not happened like this in 8 years of doing business. I feel like we are being held to ransom and it seems ...
We are the same! i'm totally freaking out. SHOPIFY - please look at this!
There is no choice to stick to 3 page checkout. This option has now been taken away from Shopify. Our sales have reduced dramatically also
Have your sales recovered? Ours dropped to a single sale for two days running which is most unusual?
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