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Great, thanks so much! 
It's 
Hey guys, I want to reduce the padding in this section below "choose options" and I have already set it to 0 px but there's still a lot of white space there. Can anyone help me solve this problem?Thanks for any suggestions   
Hi!I have downloaded the Privacy & Compliance App by Shopify and have activated both the Cookie consent banner and Data collection opt-out page. I have linked the latter in my footer, but I am confused because there is no link in the opt-out page whe...
Oh ok, do you have a suggestion for the liquid code? 
Hi @Moeed I've added the code, but the weight is still set on medium in the menu bar, is there a specific code for "semi bold" ? I found this on a shopify page, should I try to include "montserrat_n5" in the code?  
Hi! I am using the Montserrat font in my menu bar but because I set the font in general to "medium" it now shows up as "medium" in the menu as well, but I want it to be semi bold.    I tried adding CSS code direkty to the custom CSS on the website:  ...
Thank you!! It worked 
Hi! my store url is:  I just deleted the whole section and added it again, which removed the extra bottom padding, however there is still this white space in between the sections which I can't control, it's just there som...
 Hi guys! can anybody tell me why there is so much botoom padding in this section, even though I've set it to 0px? Does anyone know a solution?   Thank in advance for any replies! 
Hi! I want to add little labels on my product pictures in the product grid view, that say something like "various sizes" or "various colours", it should look like this (this is the given example product for the crave theme):   Can anyone help me with...
Actually the issue has resolved itself, as I can use the same code... I must have had a typo in there or something 
Hey guys! I want to add a simple Personalization box to my product page, where customers can add a message, which will also show up with the product in the shopping cart. Product page: Shopping Cart: I found this code for the Dawn theme, which works ...
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