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When customers purchase gift cards , they can indicate a recipient, and that info can also be added in the email  . The problem is that the recipient of the gift card never knows who sent them a gift card and end up having to write to customer servic...
yes but , it was not showing up in their
hey I'm new to this , could somebody please tell how ,I have created the app and checkout UI extension using Shopify CLI and I have verified it works on a development store created from my partner account. The extension is versioned and deployed. I s...
Hey, I'm a young Shopify developer, and I'm trying to create a Shopify checkout extension where the text the user added should be added to the order note as well. Could you please help me figure this out?Also, please suggest how I could use useNote()...
hey do you might please share the whole code , as I'malso kind of doing same task and stuck , it would ne really helpful thanks
iam trying to create a checkout ui app , i want my texts to be aligned center but now its aligned to start could you please suggest how i can achieve it below is my checkout.js file code for app import {  extension,  TextBlock,  BlockStack,} from '@s...
I'm trying to display the products I saved in a meta field on my product detail page, but How can I render these products using product-card snippet instead of displaying one by one the metafeild value 
what if i have a ''product-card'' snippet , with all product name , image styled already, is their any way i could use that snippet to display the product instead like printing one by one by using " {{ recommended_product.title }} "
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