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Hey All,  Is there a way to have a collection be behind a unique log-in?  I am looking to add functionality on a customer site that enables certain products to be ordered by certain partners, with this in mind I was hoping there is an easy way to hav...
Thank you yes it does fix the desktop version but then adds this to the mobile?  The right boarder on the side.  Any Ideas?  
Problem is this breaks the mobile versions formatting as they are set for different screen sizes?  Any ideas? 
Hey All,  How can I make my banner not be impacted by different screen sizes and just fit all desktop aspect ratios so that the text is not cut off?  What HTML could I add to the custom section to change this?  See the site here: www.blackhoundsports...
Awesome got it thanks Henry, anyone else who needs the solution for this, Henry's worked above, you just need to add } on the end of the end if statement at the end! To be this:  {% if page.handle == "email" %}<style>#shopify-section-footer {    disp...
Ah apologies, footer meaning the whole section with the newletter?   
Hey All, How can I remove the footer with the newletter section just on this page for my site?  Email – Black Hound Sports Any ideas let me know.  Thank you.
Understood, fail to see how I can resolve it though as it is the standard filter with Shopify.  How can I fix this?  Any idea let me know.  Thank you.
Hey All,  Had a quick query I am unable to figure out and that is when I select two filters the product list shows as empty? When there are many products tagged to both categories it just breaks for some reason.  Any ideas for a fix let me know? Site...
Awesome, thank you, got it.
No Luck, there is still huge white space when you scroll to the side?   
Hey All,  How can I remove the whitespace on my mobile pages?  As seen below.  Any ideas let me know. Thank you.   Site is: 
Awesome, this worked, knew I was missing something, thank you!
Hey All,  How can I fix this view to only have one product per row on mobile?  Working for Android but on some apple devices it has mutliple products on each row that messes up the alignment.  Is there an easy fix to make the first image below:    Lo...
Hey All,  I have been editing some custom code from another company and I am struggling to understand where the image sources are?  I am looking to change the 4 image section but can't find where they are linked to.  Let me know if you have any ideas...
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