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Hi there! I'm trying to figure out how to have my social media icons appear like they do on desktop on my mobile layout.  This is what the desktop currently looks like, which is what I'd prefer the mobile to look like, too: This is the mobile layout:...
Thank you! I really appreciate the help. Unfortunately it didn't work. It also made the logo a lot smaller than what I'd like it to be. The goal would be to have the logo at around 500px without losing any quality in the image, which I know is possib...
Sure thing! The URL is: https://7b6971-2.myshopify.com/password and the password is staiye Thanks for the quick response!
Hi there, I'm VERY new to Shopify and have 0 experience in website building/editing. I managed to sort out a code that helped me change the sizing of my logo from 300px to 500px so that it appears bigger in the header, though it seems to have caused ...
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