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Hi there! I played around with this some more and ultimately found that the issue was with my query string. This ended up working for me:`#graphql query getProducts{ products(first: 10, reverse: true) { edges { node { ...
Hi there, I am working with the basic typescript remix app and have only edited the app.__index.tsx. In this process, I've noticed an increasing number (30+) of these messages pop up when I run the app in my dev store:  vendors-node_modules_dnd-kit_m...
I ended up being able to do this by using a js function that toggled a hidden CSS class. Not going to call it the most elegant solution, but it works
Been doing a bit more digging myself, in the shopify.server.js file it's referencing process.env, so I think we may need save the token in an env file somewhere; however, some of these values seem to be automatically set in the file ...
I'm having the same error:In an app set up with Shopify CLI, a simple graphql query (near identical format to OP) is returning a 400. This set up seems to match the docs, so any input on how to get a simple query running in a shopify app would be a h...
Update: Removing "export default" removed the error and triggered the print statement; however, no popup appeared When I put text in the span it appears and disappears on click; however, it stays within its block instead of centering on the page. Do ...
Hi there, I am trying to create theme app extension with the following behavior1. Text on a product page (think below product name) that prompts the user to click for more information2. A popup (ideally an iframe to an external URL, but that is not c...
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