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I'm using Defer now and it has worked consistently so far. Easy to set up too. https://docs.defer.run/introduction
Any luck with this yet? As far as I know it's impossible, but I hope I'm wrong.
Working on an app using the Remix template. Yesterday, I finished setting up a bulk operation to query all orders made to a store on a single day. I also set up a webhook endpoint to process the BULK_OPERATIONS_FINISH webhook response. It seems that ...
I'm building an app with the Remix template and I'm trying to create a webhook subscription for a bulk query operation I have to do. However, in the response to the below mutation, webhookSubscription is always null. const response = await admin.grap...
Hey, did you ever find a solution you could share?
I'm trying to find the total sales associated with a given discount code so I can display it on the UI of my admin app. I want the total sales number to reflect refunds/cancelled orders. Are these factors included in the calculation for the totalSale...
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