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Ours require a password.
Some of my customers are stuck in what seems like a login loop.  They login and then are immediately taken back to the log in page over and over and can't get past it.  I know of some other sites that are having or have had this same issue this week....
My site is also having this issue.  I can't replicate it but we've had more than one customer complain and I know of another website that had this issue yesterday.  Not sure it's been resolved for them. I'm also concerned about loss sales.
Did you ever receive a solution for this issue? I'm having the same problem.
I was able to contact support and it's been resolved, thankfully.  I learned a valuable lesson.  HAHAHAHA! In your previous message you mentioned sharing some resources since we're new.  We're here for all the help.  We design and sell PDF sewing pat...
Just checked with my business partner and it's worse than yesterday.  Apparently, yesterday, it at least attempted to load.  Today nothing.  She's still unable to access anything or even login. 
I'm brand new Shopify.  I've been in development for several months and just one live today.  I accidentally deleted my one staff member.  When I realized my stupidity I tried to add her back and got the notification that "this email has already been...
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