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Bio: Hey there Deepak here need any help contact me and thanks for visiting.

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could you also share the password please
Hello there @TK-1  There is an javascript issue in your website. make sure to duplicate your theme as a backup.So if you have not made any changes in any type of script file then try a method. Download a new fresh ella theme and check first if the pa...
Hey there @Greggy55  If you are using dawn theme then navigate to Online Stores> Themes> Edit Codeand find the file base.css and paste the below code to the very bottom of the file .title-wrapper--no-top-margin > .title { width: 100% !important; ...
hey @Nadine10  can you please share your store url
what exactly you are trying to change also can you share your store url so I can help you with your issue
Hey @Dylan13  Are you sure you have pasted my code and saved it because this is something different
Hi @emaboz  Can you track that file from code editor and provide the screenshot of particular that line so I can help
Hi @adeelkamran314  can you share your store url and password if any
sorry but I am not seeing the section I gave code can you add that section somewhere and make it live so I can provide css? 
Hi there @LindStuart  there is a setting to show secondary imageGo to Online Stores> Themes> Customize Click on the gear on the left side and find the settings for product grid you will see setting to enable "Show additional images" If you are unable...
Hi there @Stagtis  try this code .header { padding: 0 1rem; display: flex; flex-direction: row; gap: 2rem; justify-content: space-between; } paste this code in base.css to very bottom. If you are unable to implement the same then ...
Hi @baileyymans  Yes you can add credits there but it will look unprofessional website, I suggest you create a separate page for credits and there you can add all the images and their credits and add this menu to the footer menu as "Image Credits" th...
yes sure give me your store url and password if any I will provide the guide accordingly, but you will have to give me a like and mark my answer as solved 
You can create multiple template and assign theme to your need
Hi there @empowerfair  Is this something similar you need?   I have selected the products in the metafield to make it possibleDo let me know if this is similar you need 
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