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Hello Guys,I am trying to work on bulk product creation operation, but receiving in a response from Shopify"The JSONL file could not be found. Try uploading the file again, and check that you've entered the URL correctly for the stagedUploadPath muta...
Hello guys, We are creating a app for export import products data where we are using bulkquery to get data, but some how we are not getting the fields for following for product,1.variant inventory adjust2.market (product level)3. variant cost4. Price...
Thanks Liam,  But here we have a limitation GRAPHQL bulk operation is it can run once at a time, so do we need to wait until the first bulk operation is completed? then again make the call for fetchvariants, metafields, collections. Also, we have to ...
Hello guys,  I am running the following query to get the product's data, but when I add the field to get inventory levels and location, it returns the error "Bulk queries cannot contain more than 5 connections".Using Grapql API version 2023-10.1. How...
I had already asked question on discord as well but not getting any reply anywhere.
Hello Guys  I am creating an Import/Export app with Shopify remix but I am using Node js as an external backend,Like I have created API in node js and clicked on the export button calling the API from Remix in Node js.  Is that feasible way? If not t...
Hey Guys,I am new here in Shopify app development, So currently I am creating an app to learn with the Remix Shopify app template.So, I am storing the "Text " and "Product ID" to db prisma, so I want to display the text to that particular product at ...
I am creating a simple app, I need help to achieve the following, I am creating a sample app with Remix. the app is simple for learning as I am new here. In the app, there is a simple admin interface that has text to display and product selection. to...
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