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Dear community, I am using the Molla theme and want to change the layout of the filter in a collection. By default, the filter in Molla theme is displayed on the left:  However, I would like to have the filter displayed horizontally, exactly as in th...
I have sent you a mail with the details.
Can I provide you with the two pages of my website, so you could have a look please ?
How can I make sure it has the necessary script? I assume the necessary script is in place on the main homepage as there it works ...
Hello community, I am using Molla Theme, and I have the following problem on a collections page: When I am on the main page of a collection ( .../collections/collectionX) and I click on page 2 at the bottom (or any page other than page 1), it will lo...
Hello community, I am using Molla v2 Theme, and I want to use a slider provided from Molla theme, and use it on a collection page. On my main homepage, I use the slider via the "Section" when Customizing my Theme. This works well:  However, I also wa...
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