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Seems like you haven't added any products yet. Go to Products > Add product  
We're looking for FREE Shopify themes. Please let us know a few names. * I'm well-acquainted with Shopify's FREE themes (Dawn, Spotlight etc.). So please be specific.
As per my knowledge, Google can fetch any text from your website page. Gone are the days when the Google used to grab & display the text from meta description. It's up to Google what text to display along with the search results. In short, if the Goo...
Could you please share the screenshot of your backend?
To make bundle, I think that this app SKELTA Buy X Restrict Y can be helpful. By establishing the relation of dependency between store products, you can make bundles. Here, I'm explaining it with the following screenshot. Suppose, any customer is buy...
I reviewed your requirement and it's a bit specific (Once the products on hand inventory increases above 10, the rule would no longer be in effect.) I'm familiar with a few apps that generally offer limiting functionality like setting minimum and max...
There's plenty of Shopify apps on app store to implement it without tweaking changes to the code.
Hello Shopify lovers, Let me know if it's feasible to personalize the by default Shopify customer portal section (My account part)? I can see that currently there is only details about orders & orders history.
I know a few quality limiting add-ons that has capability to fulfill this requirement. You should try them. Try them out - KOR Order Limit Quantity, Evlop ‑ Order Limits, Advance Order Quantity Limits etc.
No, Shopify permits to connect the store to a single Facebook account for features like Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, and Facebook marketing. This integration needs connecting Facebook Business Page to the Shopify store.
In Shopify, you can control the display of product titles in your product cards using CSS to limit the number of lines and add an ellipsis (...) for longer titles. Here's how you can achieve this. Access your Shopify Admin:Log in to your Shopify admi...
Ensure that the product is set to be visible on your Online Store. Go to your Shopify admin, navigate to Products, select the product, and check the Visibility settings. Check the product's inventory settings to ensure that it's in stock. If the prod...
If you want to hide your Shopify store from search engines, such as Google, you can use the Password protection feature provided by Shopify. This way, your store will be accessible only to those who have the password, and search engines won't index y...
Yes, it's possible. As you have a bit complex requirement, I think that it needs to make several changes to the codes. However, I would recommend not to make any changes to the coding, because there're many Shopify apps that can fulfill this requirem...
Could you please elaborate more on your first #1 requirement about sets of products? Do you mean making a set of products by deciding any number (like multiples of 2 = 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12...) or (multiples of 3 = 3, 6, 9, 12...)?
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