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I have an abnormal situation. I had an order where the customer paid for 2 items, but the link to the provider app for 1 product disconnected. Their developer couldn't fix whatever broke in the order, but I worked this out with the supplier to get th...
I have the same issue. Did you figure this out or has anyone discovered the solution?
Yes, I need to know this as well! It seems a bit crazy if this can't be done. I have 6 patterns/designs that are each separate products and I want to have one listing with the 6 different options/variants. This should be basic functionality. Maybe be...
This worked great, instead of editing the theme code - Added it to Custom CSS in Theme Settings! Thanks for the solution.
Support says you set "Charge shipping tax and Retail Delivery Fee" to Never. Then create a Shipping Override to add the tax on Shipping. I am contacting Colorado Dept of Revenue to find out if all of the local/regional fees apply to Shipping tax also...
I had the same problem and figured it out. Go to Theme Settings> Custom CSS and add this code:.button.button--primary {opacity: 1.0;}
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