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Hi @PageFly-Garcia,I saw your tip in regards to point 3 (my product page). You said to have one big picture and the rest should be small. I would love to do that but i do not know how to. Please help me with that regardsnaveed khan
Hi all,Does my store need to be business registered and have a ABN or can i be unregistered. Will i face any charges for being unregistered? regards, naveed khan
Hi All, Im beginning dropshipping and im new, so i would like some feedback on things like: where should i advertise (facebook, insta..) Feedback on website design link: 
Hi All,I have a question in regards to the transferring of store ownership. Right now i am in a free trial with 1 month left. If i transfer ownership to someone, can they continue the trial or do they have to pay for the basic plan. regards, Naveed K...
Hi, so does this mean i can pay for the billing of the store but their account must be put into place for shopify payments 
Hi don,my address and all info is correct. My store is based in Australia
Hi all,Ive been experiencing an issue when it comes to registering my domain. I cannot seem to buy it for some reason. when i click buy domain theres a pop up notification saying there was an error. Can someone please help me find a solution to this,...
yessir. it worked. thanks alot
Yes sure. It lookes the same asfter its savedthe link:
Hi guys,Im experiencing this issue on mobile display where my product images and name are overlapping on each other. Is there any way to fix this. Issue picture attached;
Hi,Im 16 years old, so I have a restriction to shopify payments. Is it possible for me to put my name and surname for the personal details, but my parents bsb and accnt number??
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