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wow, great - simple solution - appreciated 
I just added it in a section using the "Design Packs" app  here's the config for it 
On my product page I have a button that says "i want it!" near to the bottom of the page underneath where it says "Get Yours Now with FREE "Shipping" How can I make it that when someone clicks t...
Thank you so much Richard I replaced the code and it workled Thanks for your time
HelloI added a customer cart icon SVG months ago and now need to remove this and revert back to the default cart icon I dont have the experience to undo this without risking issue Can anyone assist please? 
HI Richard, thanks for your suggestion I checked icon-cart.liquid and icon-cart-empty.liquidBoth say:No recent changesFile does not have any other versions
I managed to get the code by searching the forum thank you for your time How to remove the grey border outline around the product image? Thank you How to add a background colour to the "Shop" menu item? Thank you
A while back I changed my default cart/basket icon for the one thats there now, which is an SVG How can I revert back to the original icon? Thank
Thank you so much !! A while ago i wanted to center align my header menu as it was a bit off centerSo i have applied some code from recommendations here However I want now for the header menu to be as it was giving me the ability to have it left aligned, as w...
It didn't workFor the cart I wish for it to be reverted back to the original, instead of this current SVG file
Thank you - this thread relates to Menu Alignment
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