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No - we are not a non profit. We are a retail store. 
We switched to Rain POS! So far it’s been a much better experience. 
We only use Quickbooks desktop - Rain POS works with both!
We switched POS Systems! We ended up going with Rain POS after having several meeting with them and having several meetings with other POS systems that are very similar to QB POS. We are in the middle of switching over right now but wow what a world ...
We ended up saying screw it and switched POS systems again. We found one that is very similar to QB POS and we are very happy with it so far! It has all the same features as QB POS and this company is so hands on they are handling everything for us. 
We had the same issue. Not anywhere close to being the same as QB POS. We ended up changing POS systems again because Shopify DID NOT work for our companies and they were no help. We are very happy with our decision to switch to a POS system that is ...
After a week of using Shopify and it not working AT ALL for our companies we did research and talked with a software advisor who gave me a list of POS Systems that were similar to to our old POS (QB POS) and we found Rain POS! We had multiple meeting...
Is there a way to print out a saved cart? 
We had to mark our duplicate vendors and customers as inactive on the Quickbooks side to fix this.  
We are having the same issue as well. VERY FRUSTRATING since we were forced to switch our companies over to shopify. 
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