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Also @BookerE1 The editable code at the bottom of the theme.css works to adjust the ATC button BUT unfortunately only on the Product pages. Nothing changes to the styling of the button on homepage and collection page - which is what I need - as the P...
Wow, thank you so much. Very exciting to have a possible solution.  I went to Sections/product-template.liquid file and looked through all the code but cannot locate the code: {% include 'product-form', product: product %} Nor could I find anything ...
Hi all, really hoping someone out there can help with this. 1. Specifically on Homepage and Collection pages (not Product pages) I would like to remove the Qty Selector. Just want the ATC button on its own please.2. How do I change the styling of the...
Hi @KetanKumar I read through this forum and followed your steps, adding code to show ATC button to my Collection pages. It worked brilliantly!But I would love help with two more related things:1. on Collection pages (not Product pages) I would prefe...
Hi there, I'm after the same kind of customisation of poss.1. An always-visible search bar (and retire/disable the lens search function)2. Move position of Main Menu items below the line with Logo and Cart icon etcPlease see the two snips attached: o...
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