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Hi,thanks for the reply, I am using the same method to create new templates and it has worked up until this point. Any idea why its not working?Thanks
URL: Aurriom.comTheme: SymmetrySubject: Page TemplatesMessage: Hi,Im currently making theme templates for my menu dropdown on my store, under ''support'' I have ''About us'', ''Size guide'', ''Jewellery care'' and ''Shipping & Returns''. About us and...
Hi,Thanks for the fast reply. When I add different heights it does change the height but also makes the video smaller, anyway I could get the video to stretch across the screen?Thanks
Hi,I have a video on my homepage using custom liquid code, I got it off another forum and I am unable to change the height of the video, I can only change the width. Can anyone help, thanks. Here is the code:<video autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" mut...
Hi, I want to implement the same idea on my homepage, please see attached screenshots. On desktop it displays all 3 pieces of information, on the phone you swipe through them to see each point. I am using dawn theme.
Hi,Is there anyway to change the height of the video? I see an option for width but cant figure out height.Thanks
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