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Thanks, I've tried both editing within the product card file as well as in the base CSS but neither are working. Hoping someone can provide guidance on how to to update the product card specifically.
I'm unable to locate how / where to change the product title. I've tried using CSS + uploading a woff2 file to my assets, but that ended up creating more glitches, so I'm now using AZ: Google Font & Custom Font app + that's working for the most part ...
Site: https://livewithjuj.com/pages/landing-pageTheme: Sense At the bottom of the page there's a newsletter sign up form, however I'm unable to successfully enter my email address (though I was previously able to when this page was designed in a diff...
Thank you Henry! That works perfectly for the About page.  For the homepage, the icons still stack + I would prefer them to be aligned horizontally to match the desktop version. Is that possible? Thanks again.
Hi! Can someone please help me figure out how to make these modification applicable for responsive design?  Two pages, similar challenges. 1/ About page: https://livewithjuj.com/pages/aboutI increased the padding within the Rich Text section on the S...
Thank you so much! It works.  Curious if there's a way to have an indent on the following lines so that the text aligns with the indent following the bullet or number? 
I'm having issues with both bulleted and numerical lists in blog posts appearing with an extra line break following the bullet or number.  website: https://livewithjuj.com/blogs/blog/the-complete-guide-to-bitters-what-they-are-how-to-use-themtheme: s...
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