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Hi yes - when I click on it, it shows the red error.
When I try to remove it, I see this error.How should I remove it?
Hi Guys, I am trying to remove description from the website. It is showing the attached error. Please help me remove the description.
Ideal payment gateway for Saudi Arabia is Amazon Payment Services. It comes with easy Shopify integrations. The best benefit wit Amazon is, it accepts local payments in AED, SAR, QAR, OMR and others from MENA region.
It worked. I was doing the same thing. It didn't work before.
Also, I wanted to add, before editing the code Homepage and Collection pages Titles are just showing once. Once I use your given code, product pages <title> works perfectly but other pages on the website duplicate the titles and show it twice. Which ...
Hi Pawan, I exactly copied the same code and replaced {{page_title}}. It is working perfectly for the products page. However, the problem is, collections and homepage titles are showing twice. In the admin panel it is just showing once, but in the so...
Hi Pawan - anything for me please?
Hi Pawan, This one works well. But when I add this code homepage and other collection pages titles repeat itself. For example, the collection page was <title>Pawan Kumar is the best</title> It shows like this <title>Pawan Kumar is the best - Pawan Ku...
Hi Guys, Is there a way to update Page Title <title> through Edit Code option? I want to add word " - Wholesale" in all my product Page Titles. I have already added the same in my products Title:
Finding this "{{ product.title }}" in the products file and adding "{{ product.title }} - Wholesale" will solve the solution.
Hi Ketan - anything for me please?
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