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@Made4uo-Ribe  Can you tell me just how to add the icon in the header please
I am using dawn theme and already have a page for wishlist just need to know how to connect it and add the icon on the header
Hi, I want to know how to add a wishlist in the dawn and to add the heart icon on the header. Thanks in advance
Hi, I need help in adding a contact form in multicolumn section so on the left side I have the address and phone number and in the right section the contact form. I am using dawn theme. 
Thank you very much worked like a charm
Hi, As mentioned in the subject I want the product details to appear inside a collapsible row your Your help is highly appreciated.
Anyone can help on this please
But please I need to understand what you are doing as this is not only for one page but will be done also for other pages
where to use this in the header1 or the theme.liquid
I did and I am seeing the header in the customizer but whatever I do is effecting all the pages not just this one  
It is still effecting all the pages not only the page named fantech
Okay I am lost now you sent me the if condention to call the template that I want so why to remove it, and once I tried it "I named my template fantech" which is the template I am using it's changing what i am doing in the customizer in the entire pa...
How I would know my template name is it the one I created for the page 
Header1 is not appearing in the customizer   
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