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hello dear, the code didnt work for me, can you help me with that?
No dear , I haven’t , I guess it depends on the device you are using 路 I don’t know why it is different in your device  
Hello dear @theycallmemakka , thank you for replying, so what you suggest to do?
hello dear, i understand that you want to help but you don't have any solutions tags so i will give up your help this time, thank you
hello dear, it doesnt work, i dont know why, can you take a look on the code your self? if yes, send me your email i will add you as staff member
Dear community, I need your help in changing the text of the "Buy it now" button because my customers speak Hebrew and my entire website must be in Hebrew. I could not find a way to change the text on the button without coding capabilities.I would ap...
thank you man for everything you have just helped me in such a big step for my future online store
Login : " התחברות/הרשמה לאתר "Create Account : " צור חשבון "My Account : " המשתמש שלי "
if you can change it to "התחברות/הרשמה לאתר" it will be wonderful!
hello dear I see now the changes you made, I have no words, you are a king!just 1 question, how can i change the name of the "login" i want to change it to the language of my target customers
sure, thank you again for your time this is unusual !
done, thank you! waiting for updates
first of all thank you so much for your help!second : please send me your email so i will add you as staff 
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