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So after doing a scan on our site the IP address (Shopify) came back flagged as potential phishing. After speaking to a rep they provided a second IP address  to use but that one comes back flagged as phishing as well as por...
@Mirdas Thank you. That worked. To take this a step further. If a customer were to purchase a product from shipping profile one as well as a product from shipping profile 2 how can I make the second item no charge shipping? Essentially the profile 1 ...
@Mirdas So here is what I had set up that didn't work for me. Let me know what I'm missing. I need one USA profile (Free Shipping) and 3 Canada shipping rates. Under Custom Shipping Rates I created The USA profile which reflects free shipping for all...
@sniper2804 I did have multiple shipping zones (USA/CAN) in the general shipping profile which works for free shipping in the USA. For Canada I need to create a few different shipping rates which applies to specific products. There will be 3 product ...
I'm trying to figure out how to create shipping costs for 2 different markets. I have a free shipping across all products shipped within the USA. I need to charge shipping on products being shipped to Canada. The "General Shipping Rates" works for th...
@Sweet_Savior_3 avidhealthandwellness.com 
@theycallmemakka avidhealthandwellness.com using the Empire theme
avidhealthandwellness.com using the Empire theme
When I create a product with variants that affect the pricing (increase) the product image on the site shows a price range which reflects the base price up to the largest variant price. All I want is the base price to show prior to clicking on the pr...
I have situation where a product typically sells with free delivery if combined with a larger associated item. If the item is purchased by itself there is an additional delivery fee. I need to send the customer a link for them to be able to pay for t...
Tried incognito mode first and it worked okay. Proceeded to clear the cache and it is now working. Thank you for the help!
While doing some product edits in I went to the live view to verify the change and was surprised that the unedited "default" view is showing in the URL. I have the 3 markets in the theme. Default, United States and Canada. I was doing this in Google ...
Thanks. I'll reach out if I get to that stage. 
Thanks for your message. It appears that my main URL and mostly collection URLs are affected as well as one actual product. I am new and not really comfortable with the coding side as that worries me so I appreciate your advice. Should I not be conce...
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