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Hi @jennybee, I've had a look at your Shopify store, and while I appreciate the effort put into it, there are several key areas that require attention to enhance the user experience and overall professionalism. Here's my feedback: Homepage Visual: Th...
Hi @Danny53, Sure thing! Here's some thoughts I have on your store. I do like the looks of the bags and I think your store has a lot of potential with a few changes. Namely, 1) Overall the store lacks a sense of identity and/or brand. No logo, brand ...
Hey @FandomFlair! I really like the combination of the primary colour with the logo in the header - those colours really compliment each other to give a professional look. Here are some things that you can considering changing: 1) On my display, when...
Hi @Cosmo1  Here's some thoughts I have regarding your updated store's design.  1) I really like your front page and the way that new store visitors are greeted! However, I would like to make the text a bit bigger to grab the customer's attention eve...
Hi @VonLycan, Here's some thoughts about which areas of your website could be improved. 1) I find that the skull image that users first see when they enter your website is quite low resolution (same thing goes for the second, cloud image in the slide...
As far as I know, a custom proxy between your dns and Shopify isn't officially supported by shopify. However, there might be some ways to proceed: 1. Cloudflare:If you have a Cloudflare enterprise plan, you can use your own cloudflare zone to proxy w...
G'day @Noman010, As far as I'm aware there's no shortcut for this. But here's a rough outline of the steps involved: Backup your WP site to prevent data loss (always a good idea)Select a suitable shopify plan and create an accountPick a new Shopify t...
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