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This code unfortunately did not work. It ended up removing my image banner and remove all customization options for it. I'm new to this so if i was supposed to use the code you gave me as is or insert it into my code at a designated location?
I would like to move the button to the bottom left of the banner where the current red Shop now text is. 
I made my image banner clickable and in the customization menu it allows me to put a link, collection, or  product I want to be linked with my image banner. I believe I have a error in my image banner liquid because even though I have the option to l...
I need the shop now button to over lap and integrated Shop now button location on my image banner. I have used the standard customization to move the button but it does no put it in the location i need. If i could get some assistance in moving the bu...
I need to be able to add a link to an image banner. I am using the dawn theme. I am also using a drop down menu. The last attempt i did cause issues with the drop down menu. 
Do you have a copy of the working liquid or if you can post it?
I have an image banner that needs to be clickable and when made to do so any menu I have that overlaps the image banner ends up clicking the banner instead of the menu. Anyone else have a similar issue or fix? I am using the dawn theme.
I only wish to remove the word "from" on the collection page, is that possible?  
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