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Hi thanks for your suggestion, I tried this but nothing happened. I have left the code in the place you suggested so you can inspect and take a look if needed. Thank you again, Rob
Sure thing, our URL is - thanks!
I want to make the entire slideshow image clickable without the need for a button. Within the theme I can set the collection the button links to, is there a way I can use this to make the entire image clickable by editing the code? I did it with an o...
Hi David, would you be able to help me do the same for my store? I am using Berlin theme, and URL is - I have tried following the above but do not have the line of code matching "<form action="{{ routes.cart_url }}" class="car...
I have some colour variants such as Black/Rust that I would like to display as a split colour circle in the swatch previews on collection pages. Can anyone help> Current it is showing as solid orange colour, I would like it to be half orange, half bl...
The image quality on my homepage slider is very low when viewed on mobile, however in preview when editing the theme it looks fine. Is someone able to help? I have tried a number of changes to the code including setting max width etc but nothing seem...
Brilliant thanks so much!!
I would also like to make my homepage slider image clickable (without having to display the huge button over the top) but currently there is no way to do that. I don't suppose you know how I might work around it with some code?
That worked - thanks so much for your help!!
Thanks for your reply, but this doesn't work, I have tried it already and nothing happens on hover when this option is enabled
Can someone help with with code that enables second image to show on hover when viewing collection pages, using the Berlin theme? My site URL is Thanks!
I ended up fixing it myself with the following code: .select__sort_by {padding-left: 8rem;} you can amend '8rem' number as needed for more or less spacing thank you!
Here is the preview URL: Thanks! 
The letter spacing in the Sort By functionality of my Berlin theme is too close together causing them to overlap. I can't see an option to increase letter spacing, or decrease font size so it fits neatly on all devices. Is anyone able to suggest a fi...
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