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Hi Emily!You've just sent the problem with third-party payment providers:"although it is important to carefully evaluate and choose a reliable option"Would you choose from them to your own business? I guess you wouldn't. That's my opinion too. So all...
Hello!Shopify Payments is not supported in Hungary, Europe so I can't use Shopify. I could use Shopify but only with 3rd-party payment providers which are not safe enough and are technically weaker. So why don't you support Shopify Payments in Hungar...
Hi. Thanks  I like 2D and 3D art and I love music too. Comics are great  Currently I'm living in Hungary, Europe. Sadly shopify payments is not supported in Hungary.
Hi, I'd like to sell downloadable files. Drawings, music. I'm an artist.
Hi Olivia,"virtual bank accounts - with the possibility of higher payout failures"I still don't understand why.  I mean technically what's the difference that cause higher failures? Shopify Payments is a gateway in case of both physical and virtual b...
Yes, I'm trying to start my very first online business and I'm trying to find all the needed info to make it. You can contact me in private if you want.
Thank you Imogen! Great! I've been trying to get that info since weeks  Then I'm gonna use Shopify Payments with a Wise online account. Since I don't have a real bank account. Best, Adam
Thank you Olivia! So I don't need to use Stripe as a 3rd party if my business is in the UK since Shopify Payments is powered by Stripe and Shopify Payments is integrated into Shopify? Great. My question is:  Can I use Shopify Payments without having ...
Thank you Imogen!So Shopify Payments work with a Wise Business Account? Customers can pay online with their Visa and Master cards too? And I can receive their payments to my Wise Business Account through Shopify? Without me having a physical local ba...
Is it a must to have a local physical bank account to receive money from customers with Shopify Payments? I don't have a real local bank account for my business. Can I set up ShopifyPayments with my online account=WiseBusinessAccount? Wise is not a b...
The reason I don't understand your answer is because Shopify Payments is based on the Stripe payment gateway. Right? So payments with Shopify goes directly to Stripe. And after the payment went to Stripe.... if I link Stripe to Wise then no payment f...
Hello Don Can I use my WiseBusinessAccount as a bank account with Shopify (insted of a physical bank account)?  I mean Shopify using the Stripe payment gateway right? And I can link Stripe and Wise together. Is that work with Shopify or it's a must ...
Hi Olivia  Thank you for your answer! What if I set Stripe as a payment method with Shopify? I mean Stripe payment gateway is integrated in Shopify so technically with Stripe I shouldn't have payout failures. And what if I connect Shopify's Stripe p...
Hello. Can I use Shopify for business without having a physical bank account? I mean is it possible to use it with an online account like Revolut or (Transfer)Wise?
I'd like to start a Ltd. UK business from the EU but I can't because they want me to have a UK business bank account which I can't make since I don't live in the UK. So I thought I could use a Wise account as an alternative instead of a UK bank accou...
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