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I had to include a banner at the top of my primary collection page to conceal "there are no products in this collection" text. The problem is when you click each sub-collection (I added a collection underneath) it shows the banner at the bottom of th...
Apparently there was a way to do this with code, but the forum post was  2020 and it doesn't match up to the latest shopify version.What I want is to hide the text on my primary collection page that says:1. No products2. There are no products in this...
I've divided them into 3 categories which can be accessed by the blog dropdown. But I also wanna run 'blog' (on menu bar) to it's own page and have all the blogs mixed together. So essentially, each blog will have 2 pages - the main and it's category...
I'm trying out Erus and Flow themes and it seems they're compatible with this type of layout as you can see in this example: there just doesn't seem to be a way to add images to main men...
Thanks but I figured it out. In "manage blogs" you have to add a blog but it's not really a blog per se you're adding, it's actually a blog "holder" to put your blog posts into. Then when you edit the "actual" blog, under 'organization' on the right ...
My store isn't open yet and I'm trying several themes but it's not theme related, every one does the same.
I've tried everything suggested here and nothing works. Every time I add a new blog post in it just replaces the old one. There's only one theme template  location each can go in "default blog post" so I dont know what people mean by "make sure you c...
I'm having the same problem myself and have applied all these instructions but it doesn't seem to work.If you go to navigation>main menu>blogs and add a new one in, it just replaces the old one, either way you end up with one blog. All the blogs are ...
I want to break the collections up in the same way at the menu dropdown.In this case I want Main category of product/specific type of product/the products. All accessed in sequence from the main page.So on the main page I will just have all the main ...
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